Introduction Forex Market

Unlike the traditional market, because here who traded currencies are the market (where the merchants / traders buying and selling) is called the forex market.
Who are the perpetrators of the forex market?
very diverse: can a bank (main), large companies, countries, institutions, speculators, etc..

Given that the culprit will define and global / international, market / forex trading is seen to be very attractive, why?
Because it makes the forex market became the largest financial market (4T $ / day), and very liquid (can sell and buy at such rate in the market regardless of the amount).
Plus, this makes the forex market is open 24 non-stop, so we can trade anytime, we adjust our spare time.

Unlike traditional markets, the forex market has no physical location in particular, the majority of today’s nearly done through an electronic network of Commerce.
So the transaction process can happen quickly and in large quantities anyway.
With the development of Internet technology (electronics) it will be very easy for new people untukmelakukan online forex trading.

The purpose of Forex Trading

Market conditions and the price moves in the forex market is very dynamic, it can change at any time quickly, in response to the events either event the economy, politics, war, disaster, etc..
Especially for countries with advanced economies and strong, there is little sensitive information, then the price of its currency could move up and down.

This is seen by traders as an opportunity and a chance to do the trade.
So simple forex trading goal is to achieve a profit or gain of magnitude.

Forex Trading Opportunities

Internet has made a lot of revolution in world trade, as well as a very strong influence in the world of forex trading.
With the internet, it is now the forex can be done by anyone.
If in the past could only be done by the big players (banks, state institutions) now, with more and more popping and online retail forex broker, you and I can trade forex online with ease and with little capital.
Even to try trading with simulation is also very easy that is by trading with a demo account facility of the broker.

Forex Risk

Forex like a double-edged sword.
With forex can make us rich quick, but the opposite can also instantly mengikikis depleted our capital.
Do you consider forex as an investment or as a regular trade, clear that forex has a high risk factor.
So really understand the risks in forex and do not let one step.


  • Special trade forex currency of the country.
  • Forex currency market is the largest and most liquid in the world.
  • Forex can be done anytime, 24 hours a day Monday s / d Friday

– Beginning of the New Zealand and Australian market hours 5:00 to 14:00 pm,
– Then to the Asian markets of Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore at 7:00 a.m. to 16:00 pm
– Then to the European markets of Germany and the UK hours 1:00 p.m. to 22:00 pm
– Up to the American market hours of 20:00 to 5:00 (the next day).

  • With the recent developments (the Internet), then forex trading can be done online (anywhere).
  • Forex can quickly make you rich or poor.
  • Because of this risk too much, you should be wise and fully understand the forex completely before you decided to go inside.



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