What is a Forex Trading ?

Forex is derived from the word ” Foreign Exchange ” , which means foreign currency exchange , or the exchange of one currency to another , the initial objective was to payments abroad.

Can also be interpreted that forex trading is the bottom line currency exchange activities with each other continuously for profit .Forex trading is the activity Buy or Sell currencies continuously and consistently for profit .
With a trading volume of $ 5 trillion per day , Forex has been named as one of the largest financial market in the world .
example benefit from rising prices :

Price or exchange rate GBP / USD is now 1.5000
This means that 1 GBP = 1.5 USD
(1 GBP (pounds) if swapped into USD (dollars) to $ 1.5)
Now I have a capital amount of $ 150.
I predict that the exchange rate of GBP / USD Up
What I do is BUY GBP / USD or buy GBP using USD, in the sense of exchanging my dollars into pounds.
After the exchange, $ 150 I changed to 100 pounds.
After an hour the exchange rate GBP / USD rose to 1.7000
This means that 1 GBP = 1.7 USD
I need to do now is to SELL GBP / USD or exchange returned 100 Pounds which I hold to dollar.
Having swapped my 100 pounds into $ 170 (100 x 1.7)
BUY and SELL transactions within an interval of one hour of my capital was changed from $ 150 to $ 170, meaning I earn a profit of $ 20.

Note :  small and large gains in influence leverage and lot.

if forex trading can provide a big advantage?
Can all.
but on the other hand, forex trading can also lead to large losses as well.
not only a loss of money, but also a loss of invaluable time wasted.
Hence, the learning and knowledge of the forex became an absolute requirement that you must live first.

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