Platform Trading

In the process of trading transaction, you will need a software / platform forex trading as a means to analyze and also make transactions.
By means of this software, you can do the transaction buy, sell, close the transaction, pending orders storing, analyzing currency movements, and others.
There are many types of trading platform provided by a forex broker online.
Some types of software / trading platform commonly used by retail traders, among others, ninja trader, streamster, TradeStation, ctrader, widetrader, metatrader, and others.

Metatrader trading platform is the most popular and widely used by retail traders like us, and are also provided by most online forex brokers available today.
This is because of its easy to learn, quick to master, available at many brokers, and provide enough facilities.
In addition, also can use the MetaTrader indicators, scripts and Expert Advisors (trading robots) as a tool in forex trading.
Currently the latest version of MetaTrader is the MetaTrader 5 (MT5), but that version is still widely used version of Metatrader 4 (MT4).

We encourage you to study the use of MetaTrader 4 trading software, because this is the most likely trading software that you will use later.


MetaTrader is the most widely used software in the Forex trading and other commodity that can be run on a computer or gadget with the base operating system Windows, Android and Iphone.
Please pay more some of the advantages of MetaTrader software below:

MetaTrader does not take up a lot of bandwidth, so Walalupun Internet network is minimal then the MetaTrader software to keep it running smoothly.

MetaTrader software is very user friendly so anyone can use it easily.
This software can also be run simultaneously on a computer screen or multiple different operating systems on the same trading account.

Another advantage of MetaTrader software is can be added and modified by a script / program to create Custom Indicators and use Automatic Trading (EA – Expert Advisor) that can be run in accordance with the desired trading plan.
To take advantage of these features you have to master the technique of programming language C + +.

MetaTrader Metaquotes provided by companies that are widely used by the broker / Forex brokers in the world.


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