Risk and benefit Trading Forex

Forex is still widely regarded as one of the way-quick-rich.
In fact, Forex trading involves substantial risk enough so that the necessary skills before engaging in forex trading estate.
Here are some of the risks of online forex trading:

Forex trading is possible to lose up to 100% of your capital.
Forex trading including kategory high risk-high gain, it is very important basic introduction to help you identify the type of market it from all sides.
From there you just decide whether to remain interested waterfall, or retreat from the world trading before becoming `sorry` and late.

Another risk facing is the fact that most of the traders have failed in the initial phase of the plunge in the world of forex.
It is more caused by mental and psychological factors that become barriers such as; tend to be greedy, `blind ‘when it comes to money, lack of discipline factors, and others.

The number of `rogue` seekers benefit of colleagues who are new to the trading world becomes another important issue.
Do a little googling and we will find hundreds of sites that promise several hundred percent definite advantage IF you buy a trading system / EA / circuitry join their group.
Maybe rough, but most of these sites lie just to sell it.

There is no / least educational institutions / specialized training to make your forex trading will depend largely on self-discipline to systematically learn forex trading, which is a challenge in itself.

Forex trading gives us the opportunity to make a profit at any time, 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.
would also mean loss allows us anytime.

The advantages of forex trading:

Small initial capital.
many online forex brokers allow you to start trading even with an initial capital of $ 1 only.

Not tied to hours worked.
For 24 hours, 5 days a week, you can do forex transactions.

Unlimited profit potential.
If accompanied with skill and mental ability sufficient, forex trading gives you the possibility to earn unlimited profit.

Yan learning a lot of information spread across the internet.
you need to do is sift the information and use it for your study materials.

Then how to minimize the risk faced?

The following are some ways that might help colleagues in minimizing the risks faced.

Know first `you` battlefield.

Learn more about what is forex market, forex market how to work, who did it, and what the role of the market actors, as well as other factors that could affect the forex market.
The material on this fellow can get in this forum, or by googling.

Get to know the technicalities of forex trading practice

Identify and familiarize themselves with peers technical factors in the trading activities of daily trading platform used in each (MT4, Novativa streamster, VTtrader, etc.) such as opening positions, closing positions, set stop losses and take profit, set the lot
used, and others.

Do not rush

Just because the read / buy / get one technique 1000% daily profit, or buy 1 EA definitely do not profit directly hurry open a real account and trading plunge.
see the first step and if you feel it is OK, use a demo account first facility to test in the real environment.

Use `trading strategies / trading systems` thorough.

Discipline trading activities with colleagues using / preparing a series circuit Standard operation procedure is clear and can be used as a handle.
This not only includes the number of Take profit and stop loss, but also includes the value of the lot is used, financial management


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