Forex market participants

In general, forex market participants consisted of various groups, namely:

1.Multinational Enterprises.

2.Banks and financial institutions.

3.Broker (Broker)

4.Business Performer (importers, exporters)

5.Government (Central Bank, Commercial Bank).

6.Large Speculators (Big Boys like George Soros, Warren Buffet and others).

7.Player / small traders (retailers as we are dealing with limited funds)

Multinational companies to participate in the forex market because they require foreign currency for their trade in other countries.
Banks and financial institutions are the most active participants and be one of the greatest actors of forex transactions.
Interbank market is a market where large banks trade among themselves and determine the value of the currency in the market which is called supply and demand.

Broker is a company that is a facilitator between buyers and sellers in buying or selling foreign exchange.

Business Performer (exporters and importers) is the largest client of the bank concerned with foreign exchange trading where they need currency as a medium of exchange in world trade.

Central Bank (government) actors is that forex trading has a huge effect.
The central bank is an arm of the government which has the goal to run monetary policy.
Central banks often intervene in the market economy country for the purpose.


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